Covid-19 Information - M. Cronos Airlines

Covid-19 Information

Important Notice

Due to the measures taken to prevent and combat the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19:

  1. PCR test certificate is mandatory with validity less than 72 hours before departure date
  2. Wearing a face mask is mandatory at check-in point and to board our flights
  3. Passengers are required to follow health cleaning recommendations by our staff
  4. Passengers must be at check-in point at least 3 hours before flight take-off

Charter flights

Also we operate Charter Flights on demand to repatriate people to their places of origin, as well as merchandise, in addition to providing medical support and humanitarian goods essential for life.

Do you have an affected flight?

If you have a ticket with a flight date during the affected period, you can change it without penalty, regardless of the date of purchase, ticket class or destination.

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Dear Customer

Your comfort, well-being and health have always been at the center of our concerns. As everyone goes through an unprecedented health crisis, we have put in place exceptional measures to ensure safe travel.

In the airport:

  • Temperature control
  • Hygiene measures at the airport
  • Adaptation for the respective control spaces

On board:

  • Wear a compulsory mask carrying a physical distance
  • Cleaning the air in the cabins of our fleets
  • Cleaning of accessories and disinfection of cabins for passenger comfort
  • Additional equipment for aircraft personnel, such as masks, gel gloves, etc.
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