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Check in

Up to what time can I check in?

Cronos Air check-in counters open 2 hours before departure for Domestic flights, 3 hours for Regional International flights.
Kindly present your passport and ticket together with anything else (company ID card or anything you were asked to bring along when booking) at check in.

Passengers should check-in for their flight prior to check-in closure time which is 30 minutes (for Domestic Flights), 60 minutes for Regional Flights before the scheduled departure time. There will be a prompt closure of check-in points at all airports due to standard policy which ensures our flights depart on time.

This policy to be strictly complied with. Please allow ample time for check-in completion.

What happens to passengers who do not show up at the Boarding Gate 10 minutes before scheduled time of departure?

Passengers who do not show up will be terminated from the flight. Passengers are required to show up at the boarding gate at least 10 minutes before departure.

How about security checks and profiling?

Your Passport, identification and visa validity are to be checked at the security desk before you approach the Boarding Gate. Profiling will be carried out at the Boarding gate.

What weight do you allow for my check in luggage?

Your checked in luggage consists of weighed items and bags that are approved and will not be accessible to you during flight. Only hand luggage will be accepted for infants.

What happens if I am late checking-in?

Your reservation will be terminated because you will be considered absent. You will have to contact our office to check if your reservation can be restored. The penalties and rules that apply depend on the fare class you have booked.

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